Our digital agency offers a full professional website design and expert marketing services. We create websites to communicate what is great about your business. We will help you tell your story with a powerful website that works. Start growing your business today.

We believe in a simple and timeless design

Classic beauty is timeless and simple

We use an empathic approach to design and don’t require you to know anything more then what you hope for you end product or goal. Without over complicating the use or look of the website we ensure that you will not need to update for years as the designs will always be timeless. From fonts to images to layouts there is a lot of components that make up a website. You do not want to simply want to create or have content to fill the page but help people to find the information they need to purchase your products or services.

We apply a holistic

Your website is not just a collection of information and media.

Your website needs to come together and work towards a functional goal of providing information for your existing or potential customers. Websites essentially are created for information and for it to work effectively there are a lot of factors. We take a holistic approach in making sure that the design, technical and business parts of the site must be planned for during the initial process. This will ensure that the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) along with the relevant information and options to contact your business all work together to bring you an effective website for your customers.

We support our partners during the whole process

Resources are always limited

Everyone has different skills and we are adaptable from managing your whole solutions with minimal effort and time required through to a hybrid of working with you to minimise your cost. We can take your initial discussions and ideas and use your or our resources to deliver to your exact requirements. Throughout your entire project and even after we will be there every step of the way. It is hard enough to operate your own business let alone a web project. Let us take the headache.

We create tangible

You will know when it’s a RedWeb site

Three tangible benefits come from web development. Firstly you can directly communicate with your audience, you can update your customers instantly through your website. Secondly, you can enhance your connectivity, you can reach every person connected to the internet in the world. No longer are you a local business but an international one. Lastly, a good website reduces the need to spend thousands on advertising in the newspaper, radio or television. In this modern day of technology, a digital presence has now become a tangible asset.

  • Overview

    We can offer you an overview of your options and work together to make a plan to optimise your online presence.

  • Responsive Website

    We realise that these days we can surf the internet on many different devices. Therefore we ensure that all of our websites are responsive and will look perfect on any size device.

  • eCommerce website

    Being online means that we are not just limited to a small area. We have access to a whole world of customers. We offer an easy to use but comprehensive eCommerce platform to sell your products.

  • SEO Services

    Not everyone can afford an advertising campaign. However, we can provide optimisation of your website to allow search engines to bring your page higher when someone searches for you.

  • Google Ads

    Ever wanted your website to be right at the top when you search for it on Google? Here at RedWeb we can setup and manage your Google Ad campaign and get you more traffic than ever.

  • Web Hosting

    Your website needs to be stored somewhere so if you require reliable and affordable web hosting RedWeb has just the solution.

  • logo design

    Starting a new business and don’t have a logo? Have a logo but it looks old or boring? Here at RedWeb we can update or create a new logo to suit your business.

  • SSL certificate

    We are all about security here so we can get your unsecured websites secured. If you are making payments or doing anything with user credentials you will need an SSL Certificate.

  • Microsoft 365

    We believe the best option for emails is using Microsoft 365, the robust and flexible will give you the most professional looking and easy to set up emails for your business. We can setup you up or move your existing email services.